Release Date : 14 Nov 1997
Genre : Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller
Run Time : 2 h 4 min
Cast : Bruce Willis (The Jackal), Richard Gere (Declan Mulqueen), Sidney Poitier (FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston), Diane Venora (Major Valentina Koslova)
Directors : Michael Caton-Jones

The Jackal (1997)

The Jackal movie is a movie box office in 1997. The jackal movie is often played on TV stations in Indonesia. Where the jackal’s film starring two top Hollywood actors Bruce Willis (The Jackal) and Richard Gere (Declan Mulqueen).

The movie begins when the jackal Russian Mafia Terek Murad brother was shot by a Russian Security Officer and the FBI in the nightclub area of ​​Moscow, so the Russian Mafia Boss Terek myrtle declared war on Russia and the FBI.

For the Terek Murad hire The Jackal (Bruce Willis) who is a ruthless assassin who has never been seen by anyone. The Jackal have a duty to carry out the murder of a prominent figure in the United States.

Deputy Director Carter Preston and Major Valentina Koslova of the Russian Security Forces that where previously they were doing the shooting of siblings Terek Murad discovered that there are two people who have seen the face of the jackal. One is Declan Mulqueen (Sniper IRA) who was imprisoned in one of the prisons in the United States. Declan Mulqueen (Richard Gere) was persuaded to help them identify the jackal.

FBI manhunt, Russia with the help of Declan Mulqueen starts against the Jackal. Seberapakah the jackal’s great? Who is hunted by The Jackal? The Jackal how to infiltrate America? How does the Jackal kill the American character? And how the final death of the Jackal? Please watch this movie.