What kind of food and cuisine do you like most? Everyone indeed has his or her own favourite dishes. But Indonesia really has a rich variety of cuisines being favoured by many, including the international community. Even the world’s figures and international celebrities have tasted the Indonesian food. As examples, the US President Barrack Obama enjoys having bakso (meat balls) and some Korean artists prefer nasi goreng (fried rice) as their breakfasts. Foreign tourists love to spoil their tongues with various Indonesian authentic culinary. Some might question what are the most popular Indonesian food for them, especially when noticing that every region in Indonesia has its own characteristic. In that regard, however, the most wanted food for foreign tourists are nasi goreng, bakso, or sate (satay). There are also sop buntut (oxtail soup), rendang, and siomay (fish dumplings). Surprisingly, some of those have already gone international as they are often served on commercial airplanes, restaurants, and star hotels. The recognition on the delicacy of Indonesian food is shown by the CNNGO survey. The CNNGO is a website specialized for tourism that belongs to the international news network, CNN. Interestingly, three kinds of Indonesian cuisines are on the list of the CNN’s best street food in the world. They are rendang, nasi goreng, and sate. More interestingly, those are categorised as the top 20 of the most delicious. As for rankings, Rendang tops the list, nasi goring is on the second, and sate is on the fourteenth. Almost all the world’s tastiest cuisines are included on that CNN’s food list. For example, Thai food massaman curry, famous for its delicacy, ranks the 10th. Sushi, Japanese original food, is on the 3rd, below rendang and nasi goreng. Some other food from Asia such as dim sum (Hong Kong), ramen (Japan), and Peking duck (China) are also in the top-10 list. How about the American and European food like lasagna and pizza (Italy), hamburger (Germany), and fried chicken (US)? They are, unfortunately, out of the top-10 rankings. Even pizza, the fried chicken, and hamburger are on the 30-ish position. Do you want to taste the delicacy of rendang, nasi goreng, and sate? Then, come to Indonesia. (DM) (From various sources)

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