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“Gadget” Before Sleeping Stress Increase
The research team from the University of Texas – Pan American, USA, presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science in Washington DC, USA, Saturday, May 25, 2013, call, people are surfing the internet or sending short message service two hours before bedtime has a level stress is higher than that did. however, send electronic mail, watch television, read a book, or exercising before bed does not show the same increase in stress. This finding is an association, not cause and effect. that is to say, as quoted by My Health News Daily, Wednesday, May 29, 2013, it is likely that stress makes the technology as an escape device before bed. previous studies by the same group of researchers showed that the behavior of surfing the internet, send email, and send short message service before bedtime can cause insomnia. This sleep disruption can increase stress. National Sleep Foundation poll in the U.S. in 2011 found that 95 percent of Americans used the technology an hour before bedtime. the researchers said, the light emitted by gadgets, whether laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones, may interfere with sleep. screen gadgets emit a lot of blue light that suppresses melatonin, a hormone that affects a person’s sleep and wake cycles.

Kompas, June 7, 2013


Greater Convenience for You, Only at Starbucks
The Starbucks Card is a stored value card that offers you greater convenience when you make your purchase at any Starbucks store in Indonesia. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to whole bean coffee or the latest range of tumblers!

It’s more than just a stored value card

Start enjoying these benefits upon card registration*:

  • A free Grande size beverage of your choice when you purchase 10 beverages (any size, not including bottled drinks)
  • A free bag of 250g whole bean coffee when you purchase 8 bags of 250g whole bean coffee
  • A free Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew (3 sachets) when you purchase 8 packs of any Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew
  • A free Tall size beverage of your choice when you purchase one mug or tumbler (any size, not including 30z mug)
  • A free bag of 250g whole bean coffee when you purchase a coffee press of any size
  • A free Grande size beverage of your choice when you purchase any cake/food on your birthday

Terms and conditions

  • Exact benefits vary between countries.
  • Free items can be immediately redeemed or on your next visit for benefits no.1 ,2 and 3.
  • Free items must be immediately redeemed for benefits no.4,5 and 6.
  • whole bean coffee or Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew is based on non-promotional item only.
  • The birthday privilege is to be redeemed within the birthday and good for one-time use only per account.

For more details , please click here or call Starbucks Card Customer Care Center at (021) 500 078 Mon – Fri (9am – 6pm), closed on public holidays.
Click here to read the Starbucks Card Account Terms of Use and Agreement.

Caramel Cream Frappuccino® Blended Crème

Coffee with rich mocha-flavored sauce blended with milk, chocolaty chips and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate-flavored drizzle.

We created this wondrously decadent beverage for those who love the taste of chocolate – and lots of it – with their iced coffee. Rich, chocolaty chips punctuate a cool, refreshing blend of coffee and mocha flavors. And in case that isn’t enough chocolaty goodness for you, we finish our sweetened whipped cream topping with a deliciously sweet chocolate-flavored drizzle.

The Indonesian island of Java is the 13th largest island in the world.

  1. While she was trying to read , her friend was practising the piano.
  2. He has been buying several jerseys in the last two years.
  3. She will bone the meat later.
  4. By the time you get there they already left.
  5. I was drowning. No body saved me.
  6. He said she has not returned the book yet
  7. What are you darning at the moment?
  8. She thinks her husband will buy a new fridge
  9. How much have you spent in London so far ?
  10. In a month’s time I Learned in London so far
  11. After he had seen the giraffe he spoke to the keeper
  12.  He was buying weed-killer when they arrested him.
  13. The plumbing always gives trouble the summer.
  14. The trout had risen when they reached the lake.
  15. Do you recognize this statue?
  16. They say they will not perform tomorrow.
  17. What have you been doing since your last recital?
  18. As it rained he put up his umbrella.
  19. They heard Beethoven better conducted earlier in the year.
  20. What is going on here?
  21. I only just realized what she meant.
  22. I never plant crocuses again.
  23. Were you enjoying yourself when I saw you at the party ?
  24. I will be to the zoo and going while they are still talking about visiting it.
  25. She docked at Tilbury last week.
  26. He always accelerates too quickly.
  27. Do you hear that awful noise ?
  28. By the time the brigade arrived, the house had collapsed.
  29. I saw a new type of windscreen wiper while I was walking round the exhibition yesterday.
  30. They have been waiting to take off since ten this morning.
  31. She shot at leastthree tigers in India last year.
  32. We saw what we see
  33. He heard an owl hooting as he walked through the wood.
  34. They have been producing a hundred shirts every day for two mounts now.
  35. Where were you going when I bumped into you?
  36. Who was tolding the grasshopper to dance? The ant in the fable did.
  37. They wear high heels every day last term.
  38. What will you do with a gun in your car?
  39. He still doesn’t find his watch.
  40. I have lived there several years before I found the nest.
  41. When it stung him?
  42. She likes cockles. Naturally she prefers lobster.
  43. Dragon-flies have very beautiful wings.
  44. Time and tide don’t wait for no man, the saying run.
  45. I bought some new pruners the other day.
  46. The girl in the pay box seldom smiles now a days.
  47. The moment he opened the boot the spare wheel fell out.
  48. Too many cooks spoiled broth.
  49. He left Italy by plane yesterday.

Unreal Conditions : Present And Future

4. If that man ( work ) harder, he could earn more money.

If that man worked harder, he could earn more money.

5. I would gladly tell you answer if I only ( know ) it myselft

I would gladly tell you answer if I only knew it myselft

6. If Don and I ( have ) enough money, we would buy a house

If Don and I had enough money, we would buy a house

7. If the weather ( be ) better right now, we could go for a walk

If the weather were better right now, we could go for a walk

8. That student would get much higher marks if he ( study ) harder

That student would get much higher marks if the studied harder

9. If Mr. Smith ( call ) me, I would explain evertyhing to him.

If Mr. Smith called me, I would explain evertyhing to him.

10. Mr. Moore would give up teaching if the ( enjoy, not ) it so much.

Mr. Moore would give up teaching if she didn’t enjoy it so much.

11. If I ( be ) in your place, I would accept Mr. Anderson’s offer.

If I were in your place, I would accept Mr. Anderson’s offer.

12. People would understand you better if you ( speak ) more carefully.

People would understand you better if you spoke more carefully.

Writing Conditional Sentences

1. If the weather were better today, I’m going to wash my dirty clothes

2. I would be a millionaire if I was a entrepreneur

3. If we had a different english teacher, we would be get better marks

4. We could play a game of cards if there were a table

5. If everybody dressed the same way, it would be difficult to compare the rich and the poor

6. I wouldn’t do that if it’s dangerous

7. If I had more free time, I will extend my vacation in France

8. No one would be happy if I have a bad attitude

9. If I spoke Japanese fluently, I could be work in Japan company

10. Your suit would look better if you wear blue necklage

11. If I knew all for details, I can solve this problem

12. Almost anyone would be frightened if i wear ghost outfit

13. If I had the day off tomorrow, I would sleep all day

14. The world would be a better place if i always be your soulmate forever

15. If Alice were a little more careful, she wouldn’t fall

The return of “Pretty Little Liars” is full of answers…sort of.

The season 4 premiere, “A is for A-l-i-v-e,” kicks off just seconds after the cliffhanger conclusion of season 3 when the Liars see something really big and scary  in Wilden’s trunk. Turns out it was just a dead pig.

But, the girls eventually discover that the pig is code for cop –  Wilden is dead! And he didn’t drown. He was shot multiple times! Sure looks like the Liars are going to be framed for his murder. Hanna’s mom’s phone has been planted inside Wilden’s casket and” A” managed to videotape the four girls and Mona with Wilden’s car the night he was apparently murdered.

In terms of answers, Mona has a few including:

1.) Mona put Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage, but that was the last she saw of it.

2.) Shauna knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood and both are both afraid of Melissa.

3.)When CeCe came to Radley Mona thought she was Ali.

4.) Lucas gave Emily that massage.

5.) Mona recruited Toby.

6.) Mona didn’t push Ian off the bell tower.

7.) Wilden was the Queen of Hearts and Spencer’s sister (maybe) almost killed Aria.


After a rough season 3, Spencer seems back to her old self. She and Toby are back together and searching for clues about the identity of red coat. Yet, despite their relationship renewal, Toby is still hiding things from Spencer – like a text he receives from “A” about his mom. Why?


Ezra and that darn Rosewood High job. It’s really made Aria’s life pretty dreadful. She’s having daydreams that he’s being arrested for having sex with a student! After that nightmare, she officially breaks it off with Ezra. Thank god!


Hanna is full of good one-liners this episode, like “Mona is like Hannibal Lecter smart,” which is precisely why Hanna tries to befriend her enemy – Mona. Poor Mona sees right through it and eventually gives Hanna the video chip she is desperate for.


Paige convinces Emily to come with her to Stanford. “Don’t you want to live in a place where you are not afraid of the dark?” Paige asks Emily. Who wouldn’t say yes?

They are completely in love with one another, which is nice but can only mean that “A” out to get them. As for Ali’s mom moving back to town, Emily is suspicious. Wait till Spencer tells her about the evil eye Mrs. D is giving her!

Tugas 2

Excercise 13

1. The teacher decide to accept the paper.
2. They appreciate to have this information.
3. His father doesn’t approve of his going to Europe.
4. We found it very diffuclt to each a decision.
5. Donna is interested in opening a bar.
6. George has no intention of leaving the city now.
7. We are eager to return to school in the fall.
8. You wold be better off buying this car.
9. She refused to accept the gift.
10. Mary regrets to be the one to have to tell him.
11. George pretended being sick yesterday.
12. Carlos hopes to finish his thesis this year.
13. The a greed to leave carly.
14. Helen was anxious to tell her family about her promotion.
15. We are not ready to stop this research at this time.
16. Henry shouldn’t risk to drive so fast.
17. He demands to know what is going on.
18. She is looking forward to return to her country.
19. There is no excuse for leaving the room in this condition.
20. Gerald returned to his home after leaving the game

Tugas 1

Exercise 10: Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. Choose the correct of the verb in parentheses in the following sentences.
  2. John, along with twenty friends (is/are) planning a party.
  3. The picture of the soldiers (bring/brings) back many memories.
  4. The quallity of these recordings (is/are) not very good.
  5. If the duties of these officers (isn’t/aren’t) reduced, there will not be enough time t finish the project.
  6. The effects of cigarette smoking (have/has) been proven to  be extremely harmful.
  7. The use of credit cards in place of cash (have/has) increased rapidly i recent years.
  8. Advertisements on television (is/are) becoming more competitive than ever before.
  9. Living expenses in this country, as well as in many others (is/are) at an all-time high.
  10. Mr.Jones accompanied by several members of the commite (have/has) proposed some changes of the rules.

11.   The levels of intoxication (vary/varies) from subject to subject


Exercise 11: Subject-Verb Agreeement

Choose the correct form of the verb in the following sentences.

  1. Neither Bill nor Mary (is/are) going to the play tonight.
  2. Anything (is/are) becoming than going to another movie tonight.
  3. Skating (is/are) becoming more popular every day.
  4. A number of reporters (was/were) at the conferences yesterday.
  5. Everybody who (has/have) a fever must go home immediately.
  6. Your glasses (was/were) on the bureai last night.
  7. There (was/were) some people at the meeting last night.
  8. The committee (has/have) already reached a decision.
  9. A pair of jeans (was/were) in the washing machine this morning.
  10. Each student (has/have) answered the first three questions.
  11. Either John or his wife (make/makes) breakfast each morning.
  12. After she had perused the material, the secretary decided that everything (was/ were) in order.
  13. The crowd at the basketball game (was/ were) wild with excitement.
  14. A pack of wild dogs (has/ have ) fightened all the ducks away.
  15. The jury (is/ are) trying go reach a decision.
  16. The army (has/ have) eliminated this section of the training test.
  17. The number of students who have withdrawn from class this quarter (is/ are) appalling.
  18. There (has/ have) been too many interruptions in this class.
  19. Every elementary school teacher (has/ have) to take this examination.
  20. Neither Jill nor her parents(has/ have) seen this movie before.

Release Date : 14 Nov 1997
Genre : Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller
Run Time : 2 h 4 min
Cast : Bruce Willis (The Jackal), Richard Gere (Declan Mulqueen), Sidney Poitier (FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston), Diane Venora (Major Valentina Koslova)
Directors : Michael Caton-Jones

The Jackal (1997)

The Jackal movie is a movie box office in 1997. The jackal movie is often played on TV stations in Indonesia. Where the jackal’s film starring two top Hollywood actors Bruce Willis (The Jackal) and Richard Gere (Declan Mulqueen).

The movie begins when the jackal Russian Mafia Terek Murad brother was shot by a Russian Security Officer and the FBI in the nightclub area of ​​Moscow, so the Russian Mafia Boss Terek myrtle declared war on Russia and the FBI.

For the Terek Murad hire The Jackal (Bruce Willis) who is a ruthless assassin who has never been seen by anyone. The Jackal have a duty to carry out the murder of a prominent figure in the United States.

Deputy Director Carter Preston and Major Valentina Koslova of the Russian Security Forces that where previously they were doing the shooting of siblings Terek Murad discovered that there are two people who have seen the face of the jackal. One is Declan Mulqueen (Sniper IRA) who was imprisoned in one of the prisons in the United States. Declan Mulqueen (Richard Gere) was persuaded to help them identify the jackal.

FBI manhunt, Russia with the help of Declan Mulqueen starts against the Jackal. Seberapakah the jackal’s great? Who is hunted by The Jackal? The Jackal how to infiltrate America? How does the Jackal kill the American character? And how the final death of the Jackal? Please watch this movie.


One day I’ll hear The laugh of children In a world where war has been banned.
One day I’ll see Men of all colours Sharing words of love and devotion.
Stand up and feel The Holy Spirit Find the power of your faith.
Open your heart To those who need you In the name of love and devotion.
Yes, I believe.
I believe in the people Of all nations To join and to care For love.
I believe in a world Where light will guide us

And giving our love We’ll make heaven on earth.
I believe in the people Of all nations To join and to care For love.
I believe in a world Where light will guide us And giving our love We’ll make heaven on earth.
Yes, I believe.